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The Guitar Academy will help you to fulfill your musical dreams and teach you how to perform live on stage, jam with other musicians & write your own songs. Welcome to the Academy!


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Our Mid-Year Concert Was Awesome! Click HERE for photos.

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We have a great central location at 124 Gilbert Street in the City. For more info click HERE

We teach from Monday-Saturday day times & evenings.

Our prices are $34 per 1/2 hour for one-on-one lessons.

The Guitar Academy founder & head teacher, Cal Williams Jr is an internationally published author of music teaching books with MELBAY USA. To find out more about the method and books, please click HERE

The Guitar Academy has a great selection of skilled & friendly teachers who are all trained in our awesome teaching method. More about the teachers click HERE

We hold regular concerts for any student who wishes to perform. This gives students confidence and live performance skills. To check out our concerts click HERE

If you would like lessons for you and a friend then group lessons are available for $25 per student per half hour. Available upon request.

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We Also Teach


Video of the Week! How to Play Blues Lead Ukulele!
Master the first position ukulele blues scale to improvise exciting Lead Ukulele solos over any blues song in the key of C Blues. Discover the roadmap of perfect blues notes to explore the melodies within the blues scale. The accompanying book is available from www.geetar.com. Enjoy!

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Book of the Week! How to Play Blues Ukulele from The Geetar Bookshop www.geetar.com!
This book is crammed full of great ukulele concepts that are designed to get you playing the Blues quickly and confidently. The rhythm section of this book takes the student from strumming the chord blues for 6 of the most well-known blues songs to introducing the Blues Train rhythm technique to add an exciting blues pulse to the songs. In chapter 2, this book covers the lead ukulele concept of improvising creative blues ukulele solos. This book is the best book around to learn the foundation techniques of blues ukulele without having to read music! Highly recommended! This book is available from www.geetar.com in paperback and ebook form. Enjoy!

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Teacher of the Month! Damian Rainer!
Damian is the head teacher at the Guitar Academy and has been with the school since the early days. Damo teaches through the week at 124 Gilbert St in the city and is a very popular teacher. Damo originally began playing music in his native Sydney for blues rock bands before travelling down south. As well as a fine guitar teacher, Damo is also a highly acclaimed and accredited Kung Fu Master and brings this strong focus and dedication to his guitar teaching. Come and grab a lesson from the master! www.theguitaracademy.com

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Video of the Week! Moveable Major Pentatonic Scale! This is a must watch video for everyone who is looking to improvise creative guitar solos in any major key. It's so easy to learn the scale shape and move it up and down the guitar fretboard to get the Instant Jam skills for playing with friends and other musos! This scale is the foundation of the entire Guitar Toolbox method that is internationally published by Mel Bay USA! Enjoy! m.youtube.com/watch?v=uCEqEHTYty4 ...

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