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Cal Williams Jr has written a whole series of guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin & kids books. His approach simplifies complex theories into easy to understand concepts that are accessible to players of all ages. It is a great method which will get you performing live on stage, writing your own songs and creating your own original music. Cal Williams Jr’s books are internationally published in America and Europe by Mel Bay, USA and in Australia and New Zealand by Geetar Publishing.

We have books to cover all levels, from Kids through to Beginner & then Intermediate then on to Advanced and more specialised topics.

 “Cal Williams Jr has created a beautifully intuitive way of developing a students understanding of music through the use of scales in building improvised solos and a solid repertoire of chords. I can honestly say that The Guitar Toolbox is the first and only guitar method book that speaks in a musical language I understand. Food for your soul. Ammunition for your axe.”-Stobie Sounds, Aus

“Cal Williams Jr has managed to take music theory and apply it to the guitar in the most useful and simple way – and it’s not scary! He has weeded out the non-essentials, the things that overload beginners, and left us with a truly helpful guitar toolbox. I love this book and I am constantly recommending it to anyone who really wants to learn how to play the guitar.”-Harrison Music, Aus

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