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“Musician extraordinaire and all-round nice guy, Cal Williams Jr hosts a series of instructional, highly entertaining and practical sessions. Williams’ ideas are simplistically presented and his encouragement and guidance allows every participant to enjoy creating music during the group jams. He assists to cement theoretical ideas by planting images and inspiring the imagination. His ability to demystify complex concepts make the workshops enormously accessible.”-Rip It Up 4 1/2 stars

“Cal Williams Jr runs a guitar school, performs as a solo artist, and is a published author of guitar books; So in terms of having the right qualifications to run a Blues Guitar workshop – he’s the man. Cal had us all jamming the blues together and along the way we also learnt some history of the instrument and genre. Questions were welcomed;  and all were answered with suitably thought out responses. We all learned something in a fun and supportive environment and felt confident to play. So you may be tempted to catch Cal Williams Jr on stage. And why not, he’s a great player. But why not take some lessons too!” 4 stars-The Clothesline

“Cal has won several musical awards for his outstanding ability as a blues guitarist and songwriter, locally and overseas. Cal’s engaging and professional approach was encouraging as we participated together as a group. He is not only a highly acclaimed guitarist, his teaching method is recognised as a practical and fun way to quickly get you jamming with others and enjoying playing the guitar.” – Weekend Notes

“Cal Williams Jr excels in his teaching method, breaking down the musical concepts in a fun and immediately useable way. Williams’ friendly approach makes him a desirable teacher. He encourages every player with praise, complementing a student’s learning speed, courage to try difficult techniques or just their “groove.” He knows the sheer joy of playing music, and lets people realise how chilled it can be to have fun with a guitar. Having a good time playing the guitar doesn’t require sheet music nor hours of training. Learn a couple of chords and off you go, you are ready to play the blues.” – Buzzcut Magazine Melbourne

“Cal Williams Jr has created an exceptional workshop for Ukulele that not only educates the prospective musician on the basics of playing the Ukulele but also encourages them to create their own music with the new skills learnt in this comprehensive and highly enjoyable session. I thoroughly encourage you to seek out Cal Williams Jr’s Ukulele Workshops and happily spend an hour with one of the most accomplished and knowledgeable teachers around. Your Ukulele will thank you! “-Geetar Publishing



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